ZipMessage API


Listen for events happening in Zipmessage.
Webhooks enable your app or service to listen for events happening in ZipMessage and get notified via HTTP POST requests.
Tip: is a handy utility for testing webhooks and inspecting their payloads.

Registering Webhooks

Go to Settings > Integrations > Manage Webhooks.
Input the Webhook URL.
Select at least 1 ZipMessage event to trigger sending to this webhook URL. These events are available. Click each to see more information.

Consuming Webhooks

When an event occurs that triggers a webhook, we will send an HTTP POST to the URL you specified, with a JSON-encoded body.
Webhook request bodies include:
"type": "conversation_created",
"id": "862f22c9-b692-4b3f-9d7e-dcf64172719e",
"occurred_at": "2022-04-01T10:06:53.992-04:00",
"payload": {